61st Street season 2: Is it renewed, canceled? Premiere date hopes

61st StreetFollowing tonight’s season 1 finale, can you expect a 61st Street season 2 at AMC? Has the drama series already been renewed? We’ve got a couple of things to talk about within this piece, and absolutely it’s going to be fun to dive into them!

So where should we start? We suppose the best place is with announcing that there is absolutely going to be another season, and we’ve known that for quite some time! Back when the network first greenlit the show, they did so by giving it two seasons. However, the trade-off was that from the get-go, this was designed to be a two-season show. It’s similar to The Walking Dead: World Beyond in that it’s a pseudo-limited series; it is getting a good stretch of time to tell its story, but there is a specified end date in mind.

Are we thrilled to be seeing more of what lies ahead here? Of course, but we also have to prepare to say goodbye. It’s possible in theory that they will change their mind but in the end, we have a really hard time believing that.

So when will a season 2 premiere? Odds are, you are going to be waiting a good while. Despite the early two-season order, this is not a network that rushes to put stuff on the air. Our feeling is that 61st Street season 2 is bound to get a 2023 release, and we hope there is a reasonable amount of buzz and attention around it then! There hasn’t been all that much of a spotlight put on season 1, and that’s in spite of it having a pretty fantastic cast from the get-go. Some of this just speaks to how competitive the television landscape is these days, with there being such a wide array of different programs that are out there.

Hopefully, more news on a renewal will come in the days/weeks ahead.

Are you glad that a 61st Street season 2 has already been greenlit by AMC?

Beyond that, when do you want to see the show premiere? Share some of your thoughts on all of this in the comments! After you do just that, stick around — it is the best way to ensure you don’t miss any other updates. (Photo: AMC.)

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