‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 13 preview: Sam and Dean ‘find the Batcave’

SupernaturalAt the end of last week’s “Supernatural” season 8 episode, the Winchester brothers made a pretty significant revelation that there was a group of historians long before them known as the Men of Letters whose goal was not necessarily to destroy the otherworldly creatures that exist, but to try and study and understand them.

Now, we are about to see their lair for the very first time. In the photo below from Wednesday night’s “Everybody Hates Hitler,” Jared Padalecki and Jensel Ackles’ characters are going to descend upon the mysterious location of the group’s headquarters, and when they get inside the comparison to the Batcave is very much appropriate. It is a super-cool set created by the “Supernatural” crew, and it is something you better get ready to see for the rest of the season.

Just the opportunity for Sam and Dean to actually have a lair of sort is a welcome change for the show. Over the years the brothers have felt at times like nomads, it is was not always easy to admittedly follow them from one place to the next. Hopefully, this new environment will allow for a little bit more of a sense of geography, and also give them each some sort of refuge from whenever the madness of the outside world proves to be a little much.

Oh, and there is going to be plenty of madness during this episode. What else could you expect from a show that features Nazi necromancers and giant golems as major characters for an hour?

Are you digging the new chamber of secrets for the Winchesters? If you want to watch a promo that focuses a little bit more on the actual story for next week’s “Supernatural,” you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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