Survivor 42 finale: Was Maryanne Oketch or Mike Turner the winner?

Survivor 42Entering tonight’s Survivor 42 finale we were promised theatrics, more danger, and of course some very difficult votes. We also had a chance for an intense final Tribal Council.

Was this the most shocking finale of all time? In terms of the final three, we’ll say not so much. From the moment that Lindsay was voted out, it started to feel like us like Maryanne Oketch had the strongest overall chance of winning. She was innately likable and played a strong social and strategic game. She wasn’t dominant from start to finish, but few players are when you think about. So much of the game is about timing, and she took advantage of big moments — take the Omar vote, which has to be one of the strongest things on her resume.

As for the other players in the final four, Jonathan had ruffled a ton of feathers at camp, Romeo didn’t have a huge resume for most of the game, and Mike had flip-flopped on a number of people. He had a better case than the others we’ve mentioned here, but he’d need to own all of that and make a top-tier jury argument.

The first big surprise to us of the finale was Romeo winning the final immunity challenge — and then taking Maryanne! He was oblivious to the strength of the game, and instead saw Jonathan and Mike as these two imposing powerhouses that needed to be split up.

Let’s put this in simple terms: Bad move, Romeo. Jonathan may think of himself as a threat, but we don’t really think he is one. Mike beat him in fire-making, and that meant that Mike, Maryanne, and Romeo were the final three.

The final vote

We’ll say that first of all, nobody was terrible the whole way through with the jury. Mike clearly wasn’t self-aware enough about his own actions and that hurt him. Romeo did better than we expected, but it was clear early on that he just wasn’t going to get the support.

As we indicated early on here, though, this was Maryanne’s game to win pretty early on tonight. She won handily, and she’s a worthy, fantastic champion for the season! She loves the game and will represent it well.

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