The Blacklist season 9 finale spoilers: The end of the Liz era

The BlacklistThe more that we hear about The Blacklist season 9, the more it feels like the show trying to close the door on one big part of its past.

To be specific, we’re talking here about Liz Keen. Megan Boone has been gone from the show for a full year now and yet, Reddington still doesn’t have 100% closure on her death. That’s because Marvin Gerard is responsible for what happened and at present, he is still out there.

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Based on the images that are out there already for the finale, signs point to Marvin eventually being brought in by Cooper for questioning … but does that mean justice is served? It’s hard to define justice at present, largely because Cooper and Reddington want different things. The former wants to stay out of prison, while the latter wants to protect himself and his secrets.

No matter how things unfold, all signs point to the metaphorical book being closed on Liz here. Speaking on this subject to TV Insider, executive producer John Eisendrath notes that the finale “is the final chapter of the Liz Keen story … Will her death be avenged? Will the person responsible for her murder go free? And will the outcome result in one of our most beloved characters going to prison?”

What this quote also suggests to us is that for season 10, we are venturing into the great unknown. There is admittedly something rather exciting about that, but also scary at the same time. Who knows what threats await or what secrets will be revealed when the dust settles?

What do you think is going to happen over the course of The Blacklist season 9 finale?

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