This Is Us series finale: Justin Hartley dives into ‘uplifting’ ending

Tonight on NBC you’re going to see the This Is Us series finale on the air — and yes, there is a very good chance that it will be emotional. Why wouldn’t it be? That is the show’s bread and butter much of the time!

With this being said, we already have a good sense of what the tone of the finale is going to be. While it may be sad at times, we have a feeling that you’ll also smile here and there. It is meant to make you cherish and love the family in your lives!

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Justin Hartley is someone who has been there since the start of the story and because of that, he’s been preparing for this goodbye for quite some time. He knows that the funeral for Rebecca is at the forefront of this story, but that there’s so much else there. This is a finale that the cast and crew have literally been working on for years!

Speaking further on this subject, here is what Hartley had to say in a chat with Entertainment Weekly:

“There’s the funeral. But the episode is not necessarily just about the funeral. It’s about the people that are attending it and where they’re going from there. And in telling that story, we get to see flashes of years past that we haven’t seen before, things that we have been shooting for years. So, it’s pretty special, pretty special. And I think people will have if not a tear running down their face, they’ll be welled up for sure. But coupled with that, they’ll have a smile on their face…. I don’t think it’s as sad at the very end, as moments before the very end have been. I think end of the show is pretty uplifting, actually.”

We know that a lot of series finales in general have the tendency to be polarizing, but will this one buck the trend? Will everyone be grateful by the end of the road here?

What sort of ending are you expecting from the This Is Us series finale?

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