The Blacklist season 9 finale photo: Harold Cooper’s interrogation

The Blacklist season 9 art

As we prepare for The Blacklist season 9 finale on NBC this Friday, we know that Harold Cooper will have one specific goal in mind: Trying to clear his name. After all, shouldn’t he want this? He’s been given a very small window to get results; otherwise, he could end up spending the rest of his life behind bars.

There’s one way that Harold can prove his innocence, and it comes with both capturing Marvin Gerard and getting him to confess to being behind Doug Koster’s murder. Doing that, however, may be easier said than done.

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In the photo above for the upcoming finale, you can see Harry Lennix’s character sitting in interrogation, seemingly talking to none other than Reddington’s lawyer. We like to think that we’d recognize the back of his head just about anywhere! The problem is that Marvin has withstood a lot of pain and suffering before; he’s also gone to prison before, and will probably be very-much interested in avoiding it. Just because Harold has him in interrogation doesn’t mean that his job is complete. Don’t be shocked if there are a few more twists and turns ahead in this case; remember that Reddington wants Marvin dead and more than likely, will do whatever he can to make that happen.

There’s also another risk with Marvin: That he outs Reddington as a CI to the Task Force. If this happens, the entire world of the show gets blown open entering season 10.

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