This Is Us season 6 episode 18 (finale) photo: Kate’s big moment

As we get ourselves set for This Is Us season 6 episode 18 on NBC tomorrow, one of the biggest things we want is rather simple: Closure. That is closure in the form of Rebecca’s death, but also when it comes to the journey of the Big Three. We want to imagine that Kevin, Kate, and Randall all realize at the end of this story that they have so much wonderful stuff ahead for them all.

So what will the future hold for Kate? What can we anticipate coming up down the road?

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The photo above shows Chrissy Metz’s character speaking at her mother’s funeral, and this is a remarkable chance to have her voice be heard. Throughout this final season one of the central themes we’ve seen explored is this idea that Kate was always the quiet one, or that she had to constantly defer to her brothers. That has since changed. We’ve seen her come more into her power in the final season, and ultimately was the one who decided how to best care for her.

When Kate speaks at the funeral, we’re sure that a lot of people will listen — beyond just that, we also hope that this finale better addresses what her endgame is. We know that Jack Damon becomes an incredibly successful musician and also a parent, but what else does Kate have going on? She has her own hopes and dreams and we want to see those come into focus, at least in some measure.

What do you think we can see from Kate moving into the This Is Us series finale tomorrow?

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