The Blacklist season 9 finale debate: What is Marvin’s endgame?

The Blacklist logoWe know that The Blacklist season 9 finale is set to arrive on NBC next week, just like we can also assume that there’s insanity all across the board. We know that Marvin is now in the wind, and we know how big of an issue that presents for Raymond Reddington. He could expose almost all of his secrets, bringing about both his death and the deaths of everyone close to him.

Reddington wants him dead; yet, Cooper needs him alive. Is there going to be any ground here over the course of the final episode of the season?

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One of the things that we’ve learned about Reddington and Cooper over the years is that as a general rule, neither one of them is very good at cluing the other one in about their plans. If they’re going to take some steps forward, though, that will need to change. It fundamentally has to.

So how could they compromise? Cooper needs to find a way where he can implicate someone else or have Marvin throw himself on the sword — but also make sure that Reddington is comfortable. This is the real thing that is the most exciting entering the finale, as you’ve got these two men jostling for something that they both need and are extremely stubborn about.

No matter what is decided here, we do have a hard time thinking that Marvin makes it out of this season alive. In what way would that work? Fisher Stevens is incredible, but Reddington is not the sort of guy who leaves open any loose ends.

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Where do you think everything is going to go as we prepare for The Blacklist season 9 finale next week?

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