‘Suits’ season 2, episode 14 review: Guess who’s back?

SuitsWith Thursday night’s episode, “Suits” proved to us yet again that this show aspires to be more than a piece on just Mike and Harvey; Rachel’s here to play an important role beyond just a love interest. The character had one of her most intriguing episodes of the season, as facing off with her father taught us so much about her … including some of the reasons why she wanted to be a lawyer to begin with.

What made this showdown so interesting was just that it still did not opt to give Rachel a complete win while still making us root for her … and threw in a lovely little moment between her, Mike, and her LSAT scores to boot. The real shocker instead came with the return of Hardman in what was seemingly a strategically-placed move by Robert. How many more times will Hardman come in and stomp all over everyone else’s hard work? Only time is going to tell.

As for the Louis story, it did not hold the same sort of implications for the entire firm, but it was still a ball to watch. Basically, Mr. Litt had to reconcile the fact that he didn’t like Katrina and felt that she took a job away from a better employee, and she didn’t like his constant resentment of her. Basically, she then set him up with a pretty humiliating situation, and then allowed herself (with all of her experience in the D.A.’s office) to be the person to help him out. While there seems to now be something at least simulating peace between the two, Donna seemed to have the most to gain from this. Thanks to how she helped Katrina in many ways, she has patched up things with Louis and Harvey. (Plus, the mug shot sequence was hilarious.)

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