This Is Us season 6 episode 18 (finale) photo: Randall with his daughters

With the This Is Us series finale set to arrive on NBC this Tuesday, one of the central struggles feels relatively clear. The producers are, somehow, going to need to figure out a way to give closure to as many different stories and characters as possible.

Is it possible that not every important character will have a moment? Sure, but the photo at least makes it clear that you’ll see more on Randall with his daughters Annie, Deja, and Tess.

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So what can we gain from the scene referenced in this photo? For starters, a reminder that the Pearson family is strong. Also, that Randall’s children love him. He is now a Senator, and there is no denying that he is in a spot where he would get a great of admiration from others around him. Yet, he needs to be admired as a part of the family, not just for what he does on Capitol Hill.

We also know that there’s a good bit of great stuff coming for these characters thanks to Deja’s pregnancy. We’re thrilled that Randall already knows about it, even if it’s hard to celebrate it amidst such tragic circumstances. It’s just something that he can look forward to as this new, exciting chapter of his life down the road. (For the record, we’d love to see a spin-off featuring Randall’s kids, not that we think anything is going to happen here.)

What do you think we’re going to see within the series finale of This Is Us?

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