ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 12 review: A bad day for the white-wearing

ScandalOn this week’s “Scandal,” Olivia Pope finally decides to kick her white hat to the curb. After being so cold and calculating for some long, we saw an air of responsibility around her this week as she vowed to try and unravel the thread that was nearly choking her this entire season.

Unfortunately, the problem for Olivia is that her big plan to expose Hollis Doyle, at the risk of ruining her own career, ended up blowing completely up in her face. She was so convinced that he was the man who paid Becky for the assassination that she had him arrested, and had most of the federal government convinced. Sadly, a discovery made by Huck later on threw a wrench into everything: the payment to Becky’s account did not come from Hollis. Now, the man is free, and even with a certain elevator-related cliffhanger at the end of the hour, things are looking very, very bad for the gladiators to talk their way out of this crisis. It was an exciting turn of events, as well, mostly because we prefer our Olivia when her plans are far from perfect.

Speaking of crises, Fitz decided for whatever reason that it would be a great idea to destroy his own political career now after having a near-death experience. Making the decision to leave Mellie was a spontaneous one, but he was sticking to it even in spite of the fact that no American would want to support a President leaving his pregnant wife.

Well, at least part of that equation seems to be relatively resolved now: Mellie gave birth at the end of the episode, and Fitz was suddenly the strong, supportive husband again. Was this all a facade, or was there a part of seeing her welcome his child into the world that rejuvenated the part of him that once loved her? Luckily, we should have answers to everything in just one week, given that it marks the end to the first major arc of this season. This Fitz story has at times been over-dramatic, and what we really want to see him do now is make a decision and stick to it. Please? Much appreciated, Mr. President.

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Photo: ABC

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