Halo season 1 finale: Is Master Chief dead, or at least John-117?

Halo season 1

The Halo season 1 finale has now come and gone on Paramount+, and it may be fair to say there are still questions out there.

Take, for example, the death of Master Chief himself — and then his subsequent revival. The show is in an interesting place in that the character still exists, but John sacrificed much of his own humanity for the sake of a suicide mission. Is he just meant to be a tool for Cortana to use now? We think that a lot of season 1 was about what it means to be human, and that can make for an interesting emotional foundation.

With that being said, we don’t think it does a lot to assuage concerns that Halo was overall too much of a deviation from the source material, and also didn’t provide the level of action that a lot of video-game fans were expecting.

Here is the good news for those who are worried: We do think that John will at least find his way (somewhat) back into the fold. We don’t think the version of the guy we’re seeing right now is the same as the one we’ll be seeing down the road in the middle of season 2. We also think the new showrunner will be able to see some of the criticisms from season 1 and work to address them. This show does have a lot going for it, including a budget that will allow it to do a lot of bold and exciting things! The question now becomes if it’s ultimately going to have viewership backing it up, or if people will want to give it another chance after several episodes suffered from poor pacing and focused on unnecessary characters.

Fingers crossed, season 2 of Halo will be able to premiere in 2023.

What did you think about the events of the Halo season 1 finale, and are you still excited for season 2?

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