‘Elementary’ episode 13 review: Holmes doesn’t deal well with suspension

ElementaryOn tonight’s episode of “Elementary” Watson still hasn’t told Holmes that she is no longer employed by his father to be his sober companion and her therapist feels that she should tell him the truth otherwise it may break their trust later on down the road.

Holmes has been suspended for the time being after his freak out with Moran and Watson tries to convince Gregson that Holmes needs to be working in order to stay sober.  While Gregson understands Sherlock’s need to work, he is concerned about Holmes’ stability after the incident with Moran.

Sherlock can’t help himself and comes down to the station to interrogate a suspect on a case, but Gregson pulls him out and reminds him that he is suspended and that if he comes to the station again he will have Holmes arrested. Watson suggests to Holmes that he should go and apologize to Gregson for what he did, but his stubborn attitude gets them no where.

Luckily for Holmes one of his hunches turns out to be right and Gregson brings him back to the station to help on a case, but he’s not bringing him in much deeper then that. Later Holmes decides that he’s going to meet with Gregson to try and explain his side of what happened.  Holmes apologizes for damaging his relationship with Gregson and for the outcome of his actions.  Gregson agrees to bring him back as a consultant, but not before punching Holmes in the stomach and telling him that he won’t trust him ever again.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Elementary”? Do you feel that Gregson should have brought Holmes back into the department after he tried to kill Moran?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think?

Photo: CBS

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