Better Call Saul season 6 episode 7: All about Jimmy & Kim’s ‘long con’

Better Call SaulAs we prepare for Better Call Saul season 6 episode 7 next week, there’s certainly one question on the tip of everyone’s tongue: What are Jimmy and Kim really planning? These two have been working slowly to destroy Howard Hamlin for some time and so far, we’ve seen them make a few bold steps in that particular direction.

Yet, trying to piece together their actual plan has been a difficult exercise in itself. The show has come under fire by some for not providing more clarity, though we feel like that is coming. The pressure is just going to be on the writers to really pay off this complicated puzzle they’ve been slowly putting together for some time.

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So where are we right now with said puzzle? We know that Jimmy and Kim have set up photos of a potential bribe involving a retired judge, only to have their plan fall apart when they realized that the real judge has a broken arm. This means that they’re rebooting the entire plan, and that may mean new photos that are to be taken somewhere else. The idea seems to be to drive Howard’s paranoia up the wall and have him act irrationally — the seeds have already been planted that he has a vendetta against Jimmy. Not, it’s time to turn these seeds into sprouts.

For those wondering why the story has been told in such a way, here is what Ariel Levine (who wrote this past episode) had to say to The Hollywood Reporter:

It’s a step-by-step basis. Sometimes, you want the audience to be in the dark and guessing and along for the ride. Sometimes, it’s fun for people to be rewarded for paying attention, as they’ll guess the outcome by being ahead of the story. The hope is that there’s drama in the setup, as well as in the conclusion, and that people are interested in more than just wanting to unravel the mystery. So we don’t really say, “We’re gonna say stuff here and not say stuff here,” but hopefully, it’s been interesting and not frustrating. It’s a long con, ultimately.

Now, let’s just hope that this “long con” leads to an awesome payoff.

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