‘Shark Tank’ preview: The SoundBender (and a rabbi) intrigue Kevin O’Leary

Shark TankWhoever knew that rabbis loved their iPads as much as they do? The preview video we have to share for Friday night’s “Shark Tank” is one of our favorites, mostly because the man pitching the product and the product itself don’t seem to even remotely align no matter how you put it.

Let’s dive in to talking about what Rabbi Moshe Weiss is bringing to the table here: the SoundBender. If you enjoy watching a show or listening to your music on your iPad, you are probably well aware that the sound quality is not always the greatest if you are a certain distance from the screen. With this in mind, this tiny little magnetic attachment actually bends the sound towards you, making it louder while also keeping the quality clean and crisp.

If you are an iPad fanatic, this product seems like a must-buy; and not only that, but there is a certain other part of this pitch that Kevin O’Leary is practically salivating over: the margins. For every one of these products that he sells, he brings back a sizable profit. Considering the innovation here, it’s also unlikely that he will face much competition to drive the price down.

Even though not everyone has iPads and most casual users probably are not too keen to accessorize, we still like to think that, pending his total sales and all of the other finer details, this is going to be a slam-dunk for somebody to pick up for an investment given that this business is still on the upswing. While asking for over $50,000 is quite a bit, you are getting 26% of the company in return; compared to some other people who show up on this show foolishly evaluating themselves at over $1 million, this is fairly reasonable.

Check out the clip of the SoundBender in action below, and tell us what you think! We’ll be back with a full review come Friday night. If you want to check out some more highlights from this season, be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: ABC

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