Survivor 42 episode 11: Was Lindsay eliminated via Do or Die twist?

Lindsay DolashewichTonight on Survivor 42 episode 11, we saw the return of a twist that we saw front and center last year: Do or Die.

Did we love it then? Not really, mostly because it helps everyone with idols/advantages so much more. One person’s survival in the game, after all, can be dictated by a simple game of chance. Whoever ends up finishing last in the immunity challenge could be forced into playing that. You also have an option to sit out the challenge altogether.

By the time we got to the challenge tonight, only two people opted to take part: Jonathan and Lindsay. This made sense for both of them. Jonathan was being super-cranky at camp and a lot of people were getting annoyed with him. Meanwhile, Lindsay was one of the people actually targeting him. Jonathan won the necklace, and that meant that Lindsay had to take part in Do or Die. So yea, a really solid player all season could be eliminated because of a silly game of chance.

What made all of this even more frustrating going into Tribal Council tonight was that there was potential for some absolute next-level craziness. Drea wanted to us her Knowledge Is Power Advantage to take Mike’s idol and get rid of him. Omar considered that, but he was also intrigued by the idea of moving Mike’s idol elsewhere, that way Drea couldn’t take it. He and Lindsay (provided she survived) could then work to get Drea out.

The Do or Die game

It’s exactly the same as last season, and Lindsay had a one in three chance of staying. Yet, she made it through! It’s kinda nuts that both last season and this one, the person in this situation stayed.

The vote

Drea tried to use her Knowledge is Power Advantage, but it didn’t work out for her — Omar told Mike about it, and Mike gave him his idol. Drea is gone, and she had probably the longest post-Tribal moment ever. She also exposed Omar for telling the truth to everyone else.

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