NBC’s ‘The Office’ finale spoilers: Big changes coming for Angela

Angela KinseyIf you have been watching “The Office” for the past 9 seasons then you’ve likely tuned out the fact that the employees are being filmed for a documentary and just passed it off as the filming style for the hit NBC show, but after last week’s episode where we finally met one of the documentary crew, Brian (played by Chris Diamantopoulos) the documentary became very real.

So what exactly is the plan for this documentary?  While speaking to TVLine, Angela Kinsey reveals that by the finale the footage from the documentary will be airing on television and that “you’re going to see people in the office reacting to being all of a sudden on television.” When asked if there will be any breakout stars in the documentary she teased that we’ll have to wait and see, but added that “it’s going to be very odd for everybody.”

Kinsey’s character (also named Angela) will be in for some major life changes in the finale as well as there will be “a big shake-up in her life.”  While she wouldn’t go into further detail (as to not spoil it completely for everyone) she did say that she can’t wait to get on set and act it out “because it’s really awesome.”

One story line that everyone is waiting to see wrap up is the Jim and Pam saga. This season has been particularly hard to watch as we have seen a side of Jim that has never been part of his character before – the lying, sneaking, nasty side of Jim.  He has started his own company and has been fairly dishonest with Pam about how much money he’s put into the company as well as the fact that they will have to move out of Scranton at some point.  Pam has remained the same – loyal, kind and very much in love with Jim.  Since this is the last season of “The Office” we were hoping that Pam and Jim would go out on a high note, but Jim is doing so much damage to their relationship, and his character that even if they find a way to work it out in the end, will it really be an ending that viewers will be happy with?

Photo: NBC

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