‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 video: Did Emily really [spoiler]?

Pretty Little LiarsWe’ve seen our fair share of crazy things unfold on “Pretty Little Liars” over the years, but the latest promo for next week’s episode “Dead To Me” suggests something that is much more sinister than we can really ever put into words here.

Is Emily really the person to blame for killing Alison? The latest promo released by ABC Family certainly makes this suggestion, as it shows none other than Shay Mitchell’s character slowly and ominously approach Alison DiLaurentis with a shovel in hand. The implications of this should be pretty clear: she’s come to bury her.

But should really really treat this scene at face value? This is what we are wondering now, since you have to remember that this could be a dream, or it may actually be some sort of memory that was planted into her mind via the hypnosis treatments that she has been getting. We have seen some research done on this (including a special on Discovery’s “Curiosity” series last year), and this can theoretically happen. (At this point on this show, we really would not put it past the writers to take this sort of step.)

Away from Emily, get ready to see more pain from Spencer as she continues to wrestle not only with the fact that Toby is not the man that she once loved, but that she still has not made the decision to open up about her devastation to her friends.

Overall, what do you think about this promo, and do you think that Emily is really capable of something so sinister? If you want to read our full review of this past “Pretty Little Liars” episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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