‘Top Chef: Seattle’ review: Scrambled scallops becomes a thing

Top Chef: SeattleWhen “Top Chef: Seattle” stepped on board a cruise ship for its new episode Wednesday night, all bets were really off. Why? There are some big difference between cooking in the sea and cooking on land, and it is pretty easy to allow for the cramped space, the locks on the devices, and having electric devices versus gas.

With that in mind, the surprises for this season continued. If you had asked us a month ago if Josh Valentine was going to still be a part of this season, we would have laughed at you. The guy is starting to get an edit similar to Mike Isabella on the All-Stars season: he was in the middle of the pack for most of the season, but he is finishing strong … even if he is eventually going to have to cook something that does not include either breakfast or bacon in it. At least for the elimination challenge this week he came up with a creative way to make surf-and-turf by “scrambling” his scallops, which he was forced to do on the fly after his pasta was turning into a disaster.

Meanwhile, Brooke Williamson dominating the second challenge was a little less of a surprise. She had an off week last time, but at the moment she is still our current pick to win. She’s super-creative, and that sort of risk-taking could get you all the way to the finale.

The other major surprise this week? Seeing Sheldon Simeon in danger after he made a pretty terrible decision to use boring proteins, and also messed up once again when it comes to his tempura. Luckily for him, he still managed to survive while Stefan Richter, the last remaining returning player in the regular game, was sent home for failing to combine his surf and his turf adequately. Luckily, he will have a chance to compete again in “Last Chance Kitchen,” where he will face off against his good pal Kristen. (We’ll have more on that later in the week.)

Who are you rooting for among the top four chefs? We want to hear from you below!

Photo: Bravo

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