Survivor 42 episode 10: Hai Giang blindsided at Tribal Council

Hai GiangTonight, Survivor 42 episode 10 really hit the point home of how important trust is in the game. The same goes for controlling trust.

Early on in this episode, Omar indicated that one of his goals was to use Rocksroy’s vote-out to drive a wedge between Hai and Mike. He also claimed to Mike that Hai called him his “puppet,” which is not something he actually said. Mike bought it hook, line, and sinker. Mike’s an extremely passionate guy but, unfortunately, he’s also gullible in the game. Omar brilliantly exploited that.

After Lindsay won immunity, that’s where things got a little bit messy. Originally, it seemed like every single person in the game was ready to take Hai out; yet, Jonathan not winning immunity put an enormous target on his back. He’s so good in challenges that he could win every one of them for most of the season. It was ironically Omar, the person first interested in going after Hai, who contemplated switching things up the most right before Tribal.

Despite all of the crazy advantages and idols tonight (Maryanne found another idol, for the record), it really was just a two-person debate that didn’t involve any advantages at all tonight. Do you get rid of the physical powerhouse or the social and strategic threat?

The votes came in

Jonathan was clearly nervous entering Tribal, whereas Hai was a little more oblivious as to what could potentially happen. Or, at least that was our perception as a player. He looked shocked when he got his third vote against him and by the fourth vote, he knew he was done. He was SUCH a good sport about it, too. He said that if he was ever to be voted out, this is the way to do it.

With Hai gone, we gotta thing the battle for control is going to intensify. Right now it feels like Omar’s running the show, but does anyone know it?

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