‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 13 review: Zoe and Wade vs. the outbreak

Hart of DixieIf there is one thing we have to applaud “Hart of Dixie” for straight out of the gate when it comes to Tuesday night’s new episode, it is for accidentally being extremely timely. There is a massive flu outbreak happening in the United States right now, and it played well into the storyline as Dr. Zoe Hart was much busier than usual.

When it comes to the Zoe / Wade storyline, what made this episode particularly sweet was how they managed to take care of each other while the disease was running rampant. Usually when you have a pair of characters in a relationship on TV, there is a fear that the storyline will eventually become tired, especially since there is a fear that you will eventually run out of things to show. However, the writers are finding a way to make these two even more interesting and likable as time passes, and it may even be slowing down those who were originally hoping for Zoe and George to get together.

We also have a feeling that a good many people out there enjoyed getting the opportunity to see Rose again along with Magnolia and McKayla Mulroney, who we were pretty sure at first was just going to be a one-time guest star. What’s nice about her receiving an arc here, on the other hand, is that she could actually be starting to go down the road to making acting a serious career … which means that someday, she could be famous for something more than just gymnastics and making a “not impressed” face.

The last thing that we want to touch of from this episode is the pretty controversial pairing between Lavon and Annabeth. Wasn’t the guy just with Ruby? The issue we have with “Hart of Dixie” at times is that everything seems to be about relationships most of the time, and this is something that we largely are into just because there is a great deal of potential for Lemon to squirm (and since we are behind her getting back with Lavon, we have no problem with this).

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Photo: The CW

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