The Blacklist season 9: Is Mr. Kaplan really dead … or somehow still alive?

The Blacklist season 9 artIs Mr. Kaplan really dead on The Blacklist season 9? Is it somehow possible that this character is still out there breathing?

At the end of this past installment, this question was 100% raised when it was revealed that Kaplan was being creating a second safe for Reddington’s documents — his collection of discs meant to guide Liz through the process of running her empire someday. This didn’t necessarily mean that she did anything recently, though; she easily could have orchestrated a lot of this prior to her death. We tend to believe that Reddington would have checked her body after she jumped off the bridge in season 4, especially since he failed to do that when he shot her earlier in the season.

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We should make it clear that we love Susan Blommaert and the work that she did on the show, but entering this episode, we were fairly confident that Kaplan was six feet under. It was just hard to imagine a resurrection for her! The show has already faked us out with deaths in the past; at a certain point, they do have to stick. We felt more like the safe situation was meant to set up another plot, and a new mystery for Reddington to resolve. We know that this season has woven quite a tangled web already.

Tonight, we did see what looked to be a version of Kaplan at the conclusion of the episode. But, did we really see her, or what the show wanted us to think was her? If we were to guess, it was a projection or an illusion of sorts to entice someone to come in.

Entering tonight’s The Blacklist season 9 episode 18, did you think Mr. Kaplan was still alive?

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