‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: The official start of filming will be…

DexterYou’ve been hearing some of the first “Dexter” season 8 casting news over the past couple of weeks; now, we have an official date for you as to when those cameras will start rolling on Michael C. Hall and company again.

Citing steadicam operator Eric Fletcher, show site Dexter Daily reports that taping will begin on Monday, February 11, which is less than two weeks away as of this writing. In addition to that, it is just over four months away from when the show is going to return to Showtime with all-new episodes. We have not heard anything unusual when it comes to filming thus far (i.e. new locations or anything unorthodox), but be sure to keep checking back here for more on that.

What is also still unclear is that we still do not know for certain whether or not season 8 is going to be the last year for the show … and this is something that is a little unnerving. If this is going to mark the final chapter of Dexter Morgan’s story (or at least the part that we are going to see as viewers), we would prefer that this be confirmed long in advance in order for the show to fully enjoy its final life. Plus, there would be nothing worse than for “Dexter” to have an endgame set up, but then at the last second learn that they have to come up with a season 9. (On a different note, no one wants to see the show start operating under a two-season time frame, only to learn that they need to create a series finale on the fly.) For right now, we are going to operate under the assumption that this will be the final season, mostly because this is what was announced originally.

As for when we could see some sort of trailer, our guess will be probably at some point in April or May, long enough for there to be enough material in the can to have something substantial to share.

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Photo: Showtime

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