The Blacklist season 9: Will we learn the truth about Liz before finale?

The Blacklist season 9 artThe Blacklist season 9 has definitely been on a creative upswing as of late! We know that there were some frustrations with the show this past fall, and understandably so — it was hard to really get a sense of what the larger narrative was going to be, and it absolutely took the writers a little bit of time in order to find their footing.

Now, they absolutely have, and we’re left with the all-important question of who is behind the death of Liz Keen.

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There is, of course, one simple way to look at this for the time being, and that is noting that Vandyke is behind the end of the character’s life. He’s the one who pulled the trigger, but it’s clear at this point that he did not act alone.

Thanks to some recently-released details, we know that Reddington won’t know the identity of this person until at least episode 20 this season, which airs in just over two weeks. Could we learn about them before he does? Sure, but that’s not often something the writers do here all that often.

For a good while, we’ve felt like there were two different paths the show would take — either reveal the person’s identity before the finale, allowing us to have a final showdown then. Or, reveal the person’s identity during the finale so that season 10 can be about the aftermath. The direction the writers take may depend on who the Big Bad really is. If it’s someone already frequently shown on the series (take Marvin, for example), we could see that being revealed before the finale. However, if it’s a threat that comes as a total surprise, we wouldn’t be shocked if the big reveal is a cliffhanger for what lies ahead…

What do you most want to see when it comes to The Blacklist season 9 the rest of the way?

When do you think we’ll get the much-desired and often-mythical answers? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that.

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