Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Summer Sayles on triple eviction exit

Summer Big Brother CanadaSummer Sayles was by far one of the biggest personalities in Big Brother Canada 10and she was also a strong player. There’s always one person who is a casualty of the triple eviction who would’ve stayed in a different situation; here, it’s clearly her. Marty was the primary target, but sometimes these crummy things happen as the result of a twist.

Last night Summer was clearly upset with Head of Household Josh, but how is she feeling now? Does she have any regrets? We talk through some of that in our interview today.

Matt & Jess – Why do you think Josh made the moves that he did as HoH?

Summer – I would say it’s because he’s a fool (laughs), but Josh and I had been in a few alliances at the beginning, but they all broke apart. He said that he wasn’t interested in rebranding, so I just assumed we were playing individual games … because he had his other alliances, I was the one person who was not in alliance with him, so I was put on the block.

Are you surprised that the other players chose to keep Betty?

No, I’m not surprised. Betty is Joshua’s #1 in the house, and he put her on the block on purpose to get me out. Betty would’ve chosen to keep me, and so would Jacey-Lynne.

Is there one move you wish you could have done differently looking back?

Joshua’s been on the block three times. If I’d known that this was going to be the end result from him, I would have voted to evict him a long time ago and not stick my neck out for him the way that I did.

You said last night Josh had lost your jury vote. What can the other players do to gain it?

If they are in the final two, they can answer my question and give me a good response. They can also just play the game! Apart from Jacey-Lynne and even Betty, start making some more iconic moves. Saving someone from the block is cool and all, but how much have you had to put yourself out there to get to your position? I think out of everyone, Jacey-Lynne is the person who I’m like ‘girl, you are doing your d–n thing.’ Everyone else has to put themselves out there and make some bold moves.

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