Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Marty Frenette on Triple Eviction ouster

Marty BBCAN10There’s no denying that for a significant chunk of Big Brother Canada 10Marty Frenette was one of the biggest power players. While he wasn’t ever a strategic mastermind, he won so many competitions that it almost didn’t matter. The perception of several players at the time of their exit was that he was running things and for them, perception was reality. (We know that he didn’t even want Gino to go!)

So what did Marty have to say about his game looking back? We get into some of that in this particular exit interview.

Matt & Jess – Are you surprised to be going out on the triple eviction?

Marty – I knew my time was coming soon and my days were counted, so no, I’m not surprised. I’m more surprised by the way it happened. Haleena told me shortly before the [triple] that Kevin had told Josh he was voting him out. I had a close final two with Haleena and I really believed that. I even went to Josh and said sorry.

I knew I had a huge target on my back, and that is why I was fighting so hard to keep the five together. I knew I needed some help. The gummy-bear thing I did was just me trying to keep the team together. I knew we were full of cracks, I knew there was a good chance that Kevin would flip, and I thought we were screwed either way. It’s why I made a big speech talking about what we had accomplished taking out Tynesha, Hermon, and Moose, and how iconic this alliance could have been.

By giving Gino the choice to put his gummy bear in or not, I knew he was going to put it in. I knew he was a team player. I hoped it would show Haleena and Kevin and the he was all-in and that we should stick together, but it really didn’t work.

Is there any one person you feel particularly betrayed by and if so, why?

I’d say it’s a tie between Haleena and Kevin … or, maybe Haleena a little more. I really trusted her after she didn’t use the PoV, since I thought I was going home. I would’ve been backdoored. That solidified what we had. I always had doubt that she had something with Josh, since whenever I put up Josh and Betty, she would say things like ‘I think we can repair things with Josh.’ I kept feeling like she was fighting a little too much for him.

With Kevin, the conversations that we had, and him swearing on his marriage. There are a [number of] places I would have gone [to prove trust], but swearing on a marriage would not be one of them. Then, the night before [the triple], he was showing me his study [guide] with cereal and we spoke for a couple of hours.

I feel betrayed by those two, but they are game moves. I respect them as a fan — I got played. Big Brother is a tough game to play and there are awesome players this year.

Who did you actually want to sit next to at the end of the game, had you made it there?

I would have taken Haleena. I think if she was sitting next to me on finale night, with my resume I think I could have sold it. Besides that, it was a sticky situation. At one point with the five, I really wanted to take Gino, Jacey-Lynne, and Haleena [far], and I told Gino that I wanted to fight it out when we get there. But during this week I got so pulled by Haleena and Kevin that I don’t know which way I would have went.

Is there any one aspect of the game that shocked you the most?

Just how hard it was — so hard. When you’re viewing at home you have no idea how much it’s a pressure cooker inside the house. Never knowing what time it is, when to eat … The best way I can describe it is that one night, Tynesha cooked a big meal for everybody, lasagna. Fifteen minutes before it was ready, we heard ‘good night houseguests, sleep well’ and I was like ‘we’re waiting for dinner here! It’s time to go to bed?’. That’s how screwed up it was.

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