Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Moose Bendago on eviction, campaigns

Moose Big Brother CanadaThis past week Moose Bendago became the second member of the Big Brother Canada 10 jury and unfortunately for him, it came on one of the most lopsided votes of the entire season. He had a good run for a while but eventually, he just fell victim to not having enough allies in the house. The original plan during Gino’s recent HoH week was to get Marty on the block and when that didn’t happen, Moose was a goner.

Below, you can see everything that Moose had to say about his game overall in the latest weekly exit interview.

Matt & Jess – Days removed from your eviction, how are you feeling about your game?

Moose – You know what? I feel good about my game. I honestly did everything that I could to stay in the house; I was there to really throw myself into the experience, be on slop for a week, and make sure I was a competitor. I’m happy with my game and what I’ve done to this point.

Did you think you’d get at least one vote to stay in the house?

No! I really didn’t. I thought it was either going to be unanimous or a 3-3. If I was going to stay, it would have had to be a tie vote in my eyes with Gino being the decider. I thought I had him on my side, but if it wasn’t going to be a 3-3 vote and after people started telling me it [wouldn’t be], I was pretty confident it was going to be unanimous.

Even though you campaigned a lot, is there anything you wish you had tried?

Yeah. I really wish the beginning of my campaign was really all about working with Kevin and Marty. If I had sold them on the idea of backstabbing Josh and Betty in front of the house, and saying that in my speech and committing to that, I would’ve had Jacey-Lynne and Gino on my side as well. That probably would’ve been the better route.

I probably would’ve changed that about my campaign but otherwise, I’m pretty happy about how it went.

How did being on the block so many times impact your game?

Honestly, it made my game better. Being on the block the first time showed me what it means to win the Power of Veto and take myself off the block. It was a huge reason why I lasted in the game for so long. Being on the block helped me to realize what it will take to win Big Brother. Even though I didn’t make it all the way, it really opened my eyes about the grind of the game.

If you had stayed and won HoH, who would you have targeted?

This week, I probably would have tried to come for Kevin and Marty. I probably would have put up Gino as a pawn, since he offered that to me after putting me up this week. I probably would have put up Gino and Kevin and seen them fight it out. If one of them took themselves off, I probably would have put up Marty as a replacement and have Marty or Kevin go. They’re a power-duo and I wanted to break them up.

What do you think was your single best move of the season?

Honestly, pulling myself off the block with the Veto in week 3. Other than that, the best move that I made was in that campaign with Tynesha and really understanding what it takes to win a campaign. I talked to people and made them understand why keeping me was a better choice for their game. I think that whole campaign was a huge move for me.

Who did you want to sit next to had you made it to the end?

I would’ve loved to sit next to Hermon, if he was still in the house. Of the people left, I would’ve loved to sit next to Marty. He’s a huge competitor and it would’ve been a tight vote between us. I wanted to sit next to someone who was a true competitor in the game and Marty would’ve been that.

As someone reasonably new to the game, what surprised you the most about it?

How invested I become in every element of the game — winning competitions, trying to make alliances, trusting people, being suspicious — but not too suspicious. There were so many things that surprised me about it. I was surprised at how much it took a toll on me mentally to stay focused throughout the entire game — not in a negative way, but just really understanding how putting your mind and heart into the game are separate [things]. You have to make sure that the sauce you make in your head is the one you’re going to want to taste at the end of every single week. It was a concoction of different emotions and strategy and that was really tough.

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