Power Book IV: Force season 1 finale: Joseph Sikora on Liliana’s death

Power Book IV: Force season 1We’re over 24 hours removed now from watching the Power Book IV: Force season 1 finale, and honestly, we’re still not over what happened. The death of Liliana hit us so much harder than we really expected. She was such a small player in the early days of Power and yet, here she became a big part of this show’s Chicago world. She’s one of the only people who Tommy Egan could really trust.

Now, she’s gone pending some unlikely and last-second resurrection. She did everything she could to have his back and, in the end, she died for his cause. We don’t think he will ever forget that, and we say that even knowing this character is not always in touch his emotions.

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Tommy knew from the start that it was possible Liliana could die; yet, you could see it all over his face how devastated he was in the end. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, here is some of what Joseph Sikora himself had to say about losing her and how much it impacted his character:

It was harder than he expected because there was a layeredness to the reality of her being dead. One was, Tommy is a street referee. He’s like, “You signed up for this life. That’s what you get.” And despite himself, he was feeling like, “Yeah, but she didn’t deserve this. She had my back. She played everything right.” But he still knew that she signed up for this life. I tried to play it that yes, Tommy is devastated and immediately wants revenge. But also: She did sign up for this. Almost like, there but for the grace of God go I. He recognized his own humanity in her death.

Will Tommy get another ally in season 2? We can’t rule that out! After all, remember that 2-Bit is very much still out there.

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How do you think Liliana’s death will impact Tommy moving into Power Book IV: Force season 2?

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