‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Chris Harrison on the curious case of Tierra LiCausi

TierraWhy do the women of “The Bachelor” hate Tierra LiCausi so much? This is a question we raised while talking about a preview video earlier this weekend, as she does not necessarily seem to be acting as nasty towards the other woman, at least directly, as we have seen some other past contenders in the past (see Courtney Robertson). However, we think it is more a product of her constant need for attention from Sean Lowe, and her desire to get it regardless of how it impacts some of the other women in the house.

So when is all of this conflict going to come to a head between Tierra and some of the other ladies? Based on what show host Chris Harrison told TV Guide recently, it is going to be sooner rather than later:

“Everything gets worse! He really likes her so it’s human nature. The more he likes her, the more attention she gets and the more [furious] the girls get.”

As for how Tierra plans to get Sean’s attention next, be prepared Monday to freak out during a group date and try to have some one-on-one time with Sean over how much she cannot stand being around some of the women in the house. Now, we’re torn about this strategy since it really is a double-edged sword. From one standpoint, you are doing the right thing and ensuring more time with a man who needs to remember you in order to give you a rose; however, you are also running a massive risk here because if he starts to form an impression of you as being someone who is all about drama, you are probably going to be sent home, as well.

Do you think Tierra’s moves to spend time with Sean are smart, or a little too desperate? If you want to see who we think are his top five contenders right now, you can find out over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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