‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 15 preview: Are Nick and Jess set to [spoiler]?

New GirlEither something very big is about to happen on “New Girl” season 2, or the folks over at Fox are very, very cruel people for releasing the promo for Tuesday night’s new episode that they have below. Nick and Jess are the sort of couple that most shippers have been rooting for passionately since the very beginning, and the chemistry is through the poorly-constructed roof of the loft. Neither one of them will admit to talking about their possible feelings (with the exception of Jess saying that she has thought about being with him), but they do just about everything else to show that there is a connection there.

Well, it looks like the two are finally going to kiss … maybe. The one downside here is the the promo seems to suggest that they are kissing as a part of some sort of game or a dare, and it is not going to be romantic in nature at all when it comes to intention. (Granted, it may have a far different effect.)

There is also another problem here is that we don’t even know for sure that the kiss is actually going to happen. The two keep finding excuses to pull away, and if they never kiss, the show has a possibly to keep this “will they or won’t they?” dynamic going even longer. It still feels as though Nick / Jess will be the show’s endgame, and this is really one scenario where the wait is actually rather enjoyable. We worry about whether or not Jess or Nick’s weirdness would be toned down by them being together, and with their current relationship we are able to see some moments between them mixed with just enough distance that their wackiness remains very much intact.

What do you think: should these two get together this season? If you want to read some more news on “New Girl” season 2, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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