‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Why is Spencer hiding her heartbreak?

Pretty Little LiarsIf you watched Tuesday night’s new “Pretty Little Liars” episode, then you (like us) may still be recovering in some ways from the shock of it all. Who expected Spencer to learn Toby’s secret in the way that she did? Moving forward into this week’s new episode, we are left with an entirely different sort of question: why isn’t Spencer coming clean about the revelation to her friends? With that, we present three sneak peeks for the hour below!

Early on in this episode, it is going to be pretty apparent right away to some of her fellow Liars that Spencer is feeling a little bit off. She declines the opportunity to spend time with Aria and Hanna in order to focus more instead on trying to study for some upcoming tests. (Of course, there is also an obvious change in appearance and demeanor from her.)

While Spencer is away, Aria and Hanna (plus Emily) are going to make a stunning revelation that there is a “beach boy” sort of character that appears inside of Alison’s journal … and much of the evidence that is in there points to this mystery man being none other than Keegan Allen’s character. So when Spencer is approached by Emily about the findings, how does she react? In two words, not well. She actually vocalizes what are some of the thoughts that we have personally had about Alison’s death for some time, in particular why in the world these people still care about solving a mystery involving this girl, especially when she was not even remotely kind to many of them during her life.

Even when approached with this information, though, Spencer still refuses to explain what she knows.



Do you think that the other Liars are going to figure out Spencer’s secret this week? If you want to read some more “Pretty Little Liars” scoop when it comes to Paige and Emily, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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