Killing Eve season 5: Is there a chance at a revival, anything else?

Killing EveFollowing the events of the Killing Eve season 4, is there any chance that something more could happen? Is a season 5 possible?

We should note that in general terms, we live in a world where there is almost always a demand for more content and 100% we understand that. Yet, the truth here is that some shows are designed to have a beginning, middle, and end … and this is a fine example of that. (Warning: Spoilers from the series finale within this piece…)

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Ultimately, there is no way to feasibly make another season happen at this point. Villanelle is dead and in a way, this does represent the show killing Eve. It takes away one of the major driving forces within her live. A big chunk of her heart and soul is gone. Since this entire show was a look at this relationship, there is no reason for more.

As for why the decision was made to kill Villanelle in the first place, we think the producers wanted there to be definite closure at the end of the story, and not just leave things linger in a way where another season could be possible down the road. Instead, you can look towards a possible Carolyn prequel, which could be far more interesting now that we know that (potentially) she’s been a major player within The Twelve this whole time, if not one of the prominent people running the show.

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Do you wish there could have been a Killing Eve season 5?

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