Killing Eve season 4 episode 8: One last warning for series finale

In just over 24 hours Killing Eve season 4 episode 8 is going to be airing on BBC America, and it feels fair to say that emotions will be at an all-time high.

While we’d say that this show has its fair share of funny moments, we can’t help but be afraid of a high level of tragedy coming at some point around the corner. We feel like there’s a pretty good chance that both Eve and Villanelle could die at the end of all of this, and that’s not even mentioning Carolyn. These are people who have stopped at nothing to take on The Twelve and as admirable as that may be, they must all be aware of the consequences. There is a dangerous reality that they all need to face, and through this particular episode we are readying ourselves for a confrontation like no other.

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Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, here is some of what executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle had to say about how the show could be tying things up:

“Be prepared. It’s high emotions. We hope that we give a true finale for four seasons of Killing Eve. An operatic finale.”

Just from reading that alone, it doesn’t sound like the show planned this out for the sake of giving spin-offs or anything else. The goal here from the start was working to ensure viewers got a strong, satisfying conclusion that tied together loose ends. Let’s hope it delivers when it comes to the end result.

What do you think is coming on Killing Eve season 4 episode 8?

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