Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers: Who won Head of Household? (day 41)

Big Brother CanadaWho won Head of Household tonight in the Big Brother Canada 10 house tonight? With tonight being the start of the jury, things are are going to be competitive here.

If you want to win the game, the time is now to start really writing your script for the end of the game. You need to make people know that you are either making moves or winning competitions! This is why this matters so much to people like Summer and Kevin. They’ve played some of the better strategic and social games so far this season, but we’ve come to learn over the years that you have to make things obvious sometimes to the people sitting at the end. Sometimes, they won’t see what’s in front of them otherwise. Marty feels like he’ll be the target for a lot of people — if not that, he is a pretty darn good shield to hide behind. A lot of people want him out!

Tonight’s HoH Competition is Buzzkilled, so it’s the return of a long-term fan favorite. This absolutely is one of the more entertaining competitions you get to see, and we’re especially stoked about it this time since we’re actually getting to watch it live! We will have some updates throughout, but we should note that Summer, alas, was out extremely early. (There is some controversy about whether she hit the buzzer in time, but it just didn’t go off.) Haleena was out not too long after that.

Just know this: It’s going to be a LONG night. Seriously. Things are moving at a super-slow pace. Update: it may be moving even slower now due to a possible malfunction with Summer’s buzzer. Stay tuned!

Here we go again…

The competition was restarted due to a glitch, but Summer is still out first. It didn’t even matter. We’ll be back with a few more notable updates as the night goes on, but we hope things work properly this time around.


Things aren’t moving forward at all, at least tonight. The competition has been halted altogether, and you can read more about this over at the link here.

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Who did you want to see win Head of Household moving into Big Brother Canada 10 tonight?

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