Snowfall season 5 episode 9 promo: Is it too late for Franklin?

SnowfallAre you prepared for next week’s Snowfall season 5 episode 9? We are trying to be, but it’s hard knowing full well all of the chaos that is coming.

At this point, Franklin Saint may be realizing some hard truths about his life and where he is — even if he really wants to get out now, he may not be able to. He’s gone so deep and put so many people in danger. He can’t repair things with Louie and in the promo below, he talks about how it may now be too late for him to get out of the situation he finds himself in.

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Speaking of Louie, we’ll probably be spending most of the next week wondering if her days are numbered. She tells Leon about the hit she put out on Kane, and we tend to think there’s going to be a huge ripple effect with that. We just saw Leon do whatever he could in order to watch things up within the community.

Would someone in Franklin’s camp kill Louie as a means of keeping the peace? It’s hard to necessarily say that, since that would cause a big ripple effect with Jerome and others. Our fear more is that Kane will kill Louie, and then everyone will have to distance themselves from her to stop things from getting worse. All possibilities are open but with us being close to the finale, there’s a good chance something bad is about to happen.

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