Better Call Saul season 6 promo art all about saying goodbye

Better Call SaulAs we brace ourselves for Better Call Saul season 6 coming on AMC and AMC+ on April 18, we have to prepare for all of the emotions.

Let’s be honest here: We’re just not used to having a TV universe in our life for this long. While Bob Odenkirk wasn’t around from the very beginning on Breaking Bad, he’s absolutely been present for the lion’s share of it. We’ve seen all of the character’s highs and lows, just like we’ve also expanded the universe and learned a lot about characters like Nacho and Kim.

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At the bottom of this article you can see another bit of promo art from AMC, and there’s something about the phrase “Namaste, Magic Man” that makes us a little sad. We still believe that even as Gene, there is some of that trademark “magic” still within Jimmy McGill. He’s let go of much of his old life because he’s had no, but this is a guy who enjoys the thrill of the chase. It’s one of the reasons why we’d love to see a new, evolved version of the character near the end of the show. Think in terms of someone who can still have that charm and charisma without breaking so many rules. Who knows? Maybe he’d actually do a better job helping people as opposed to grifting them.

No matter how the story ends, we do at least think there will be closure. It doesn’t feel like the network is going to jerk us around just to get us to an unsatisfying ending at this point.

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What are you most excited for in regards to Better Call Saul season 6?

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