‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Elisabeth Moss talks Peggy Olson’s upcoming ‘journey’

Peggy OlsonWhen we last left Peggy Olson on “Mad Men” season 5 she had just left SCDP after a bit of a falling out with Don Draper over the way he has been treating her.  We know that she was offered more money and to be treated as an equal to the other writers at one of SCDP’s competitors and that when Don found out he tried to do what he could to keep her, but her mind was made up to move on.

So where exactly is Peggy Olson going to be moving on to?  Will she actually end up at that company or will she be somewhere else by the time we catch up with her in season 6?  Show runner Matthew Weiner is notorious for keeping “Mad Men” secrets so under wraps that sometimes cast members don’t even know what’s going on until the day before as we saw with Jared Harris’ character of Lane Pryce, so when actress Elisabeth Moss was asked by Vulture where Peggy will end up working in “Mad Men” season 6, it was no surprise to hear that she couldn’t talk about it.  She said:

“I can say even less now than I could before, because I used to be able to at least say that I was at Sterling Cooper, and now I can’t even say where I’m working. So I can say even less.”

The one thing she was able to say was that Peggy will be open to trying new things, more now then ever before and that her journey to discover who she is will be a lot of the focus for her character.  She said:

“The only thing I can even say is that she’s trying on new things.  She’s trying to figure out who she is, still, and she hasn’t quite found it yet. But I think her journey in trying to figure out who she is … she’s getting closer. She’s getting closer.”

The two hour premiere of “Mad Men” season 6 will be airing on Sunday, April 7th at 9 p.m. on AMC – Will you be tuning in?

Photo: AMC

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