Killing Eve season 4 episode 7, episode 8 will air as two-hour event

Just in case you weren’t aware already, the end of Killing Eve season 4 is just about here — and for people watching BBC America, it will arrive perhaps sooner than you’d think.

This week, the cable network announced that on Sunday night, they will air both episode 7 and episode 8 of the final season, meaning that you’re not going to be behind AMC+ viewers in the way that you’ve been for the bulk of the season. That has to be exciting, no? Also, it’s simply a chance to get closure which, at this point, all of us desperately need.

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To go along with the news about the BBC America air dates, why not check out the official synopsis for the final episodes below?

Eve takes on an even bigger revenge mission against The Twelve and realizes she may need Villanelle’s help; Villanelle has a dalliance with the new assassin; Eve and Villanelle focus on making a seismic stab at The Twelve, risking their own lives.

Without giving anything away about episode 7 for those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s clear that Villanelle’s “dalliance” at this point is with Gunn, who she’s off with in her own remote little corner of the world. Meanwhile, there’s clearly a desire to take down The Twelve, but is there proper time to even do that? There are still so many questions about the organization at large, and it’s not even clear yet who is responsible for all the orders at this point!

What do you most want to see on Killing Eve season 4 the rest of the way?

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