Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Tynesha White on her exit, game regrets

Tynesha WhiteTynesha White was the first castoff on Thursday night’s Big Brother Canada 10 Double Eviction, and she fell victim to what’s been a trend most of the season. Time and time again, we’ve seen houseguests find themselves booted despite not being the initial target. Gino took out Kyle, for example, and even back in week one, it was Hermon’s goal to get rid of Jess at the start of the game.

The exit of Tynesha came via a split vote, and it was Helena, Kevin, and Josh who really controlled it more so than anyone. So what does she have to say about her exit? What sort of game-related regrets does she have? There’s a lot to get into within!

Matt & Jess – You were one of the strongest social players this season. With that, were you ever concerned that you would mix up what you said to who? How do you maintain conversations in the game?

Tynesha White – That is one thing that I was the most worried about because my actual memory in my real life is so s–t (laughs). I can’t remember what I have for breakfast in the morning. I have conversations with one of my girlfriends that consists primarily of ‘what am I trying to say?’, so going in, I knew I had to sharpen my skills! I definitely had a few relationships with different people on opposite sides of the house, and I was trying to keep those intact. I felt like I was doing pretty well for the most part.

Another part of game was trying to not talk too much about conversations that I had, and if I did I’d just keep them very light and very brief and not try to give out too much.

We’re going to try and piece together what went wrong here. Did a lot of it just come down to the wrong person winning HoH at the wrong time?

Yes. I don’t know if you caught my reaction on the question [in the HoH] that I got wrong. I was SO devastated when I heard Jess’ name — I was just like ‘why couldn’t it have been Josh?!’ (laughs). I knew in that moment that it would be an uphill battle for me. I knew I was going to be an option to be put up, but when when Moose and Hermon were put up I was like ‘okay, maybe I’m okay.’ But then, lo and behold, I end up being the replacement and I end up being here on the outside.

It’s crazy that nominees keep winning the Veto but ultimately, that happened with Hermon. We saw a lot of conversations between you and Jess and even Jess and Summer, where you tried to encourage them to go a different route and that this could endanger their numbers. Why didn’t it work?

I tried every avenue! I tried pitching them backdooring Gino, he’s a very strong competitor. I tried to pitch Marty and Kevin; I lightly tried to pitch Haleena, but that was at the end. We were in an alliance together. I think that [Jess] was just taking their chances with the other side of the house, and that risk was better than taking a chance with me.

As much as I tried to plead in my defense, it just didn’t work. I think I could’ve campaigned a little harder; I think that was one of my downfalls. Naturally I’m a very nice person, and I think I was one of the most level-headed people to put on the block. Jess said that! They didn’t want the smoke from Summer and they didn’t want to put Betty through that again. Unfortunately, I fell on the sword!

Was it even harder being up there against Moose? You’re a huge social threat and I wonder if people could have been worried about you weeks from now. Moose, meanwhile, is a target, but he’s also one everyone is really aware of.

Being up there with Moose was so devasting to me. I tried to tell Jess that putting me up against someone I was pretty close with was going to be a double whammy for me and emotionally draining. I knew if I was up against him I would not do a smear campaign and I was not going to bash him. It was going to be very difficult and I’m such an emotional person.

The thing I needed to realize in that moment was that I’m just as strong a player as Moose and I shouldn’t have taken it so easily to be the replacement nominee. I should have fought harder because I was a social threat. I’m really vibrant and bubbly and I’m really good with everyone. Had I realized that in the moment, I probably would have went a little bit harder. I probably would’ve had to throw Moose under the bus just a tad, but maybe I’d still be in the house!

You had a really great alliance, but let’s say you had to choose one to be with you at the end. Who is it?

My girl Summer. We clicked instantly. That curly hair — I saw it from upstairs and I was like ‘you’re mine’ (laughs). I knew right away that I wanted us to go to the end together, and I said it really early on in the game. She was so thoughtful and precious with the way she talked about my daughter and how she wanted to see me get money and change our lives. I feel like she really cared about me.

Haleena was obviously a big swing vote on your exit. Were you ever aware that she may have had more going on than you knew, or were you trying to just not be overly paranoid in there?

I definitely tried not to let my paranoia get to me; that can be problematic! I didn’t want that to influence me in a big way. I did start feel vibes, though. I had a nice tanning session for quite some time and that day, I felt like people were avoiding me a little bit. There were conversations that were being had and I was being left out of them. My Spidey-senses were starting to tingle and I knew something was brewing when I approached Heleena. At first it seemed fine, but in our last conversation before the vote she was like ‘I can’t vote for you’ based on the information she had received from Jess. I think that information was a little amplified and it wasn’t the complete truth.

I was a little disappointed by Haleena — we had our alliance and she even expressed to Summer the night before that Moose was going home.

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