Halo season 1 episode 3 preview: The dawn of Cortana

HaloAs we prepare for Halo season 1 episode 3 on Paramount+ next week, it looks pretty clear Cortana is going to be a huge part of it. After all, just think in terms of how episode 2 ended!

It’s already been established through the first two episodes that the TV series is offering a different take on Master Chief’s origins. Granted, there are a number of similarities to the video games, but there are a few differences. We’re seeing here a world where Cortana is something that is very much new, strange, mysterious, and different. Dr. Halsey is doing something is still cutting-edge and underground, and we know the relationship between this and Master Chief becomes an integral part to the story moving forward.

If season 1 episode 3 is going to be the advent in some ways of Cortana, it will be exciting to explore that a little bit further and through that, also offer some more depth to Master Chief himself. There’s still a lot that needs to be learned about this particular version of the character and what makes him tick. We know already that he is struggling with what he knows about the Covenant, let alone who he can trust with it. This could serve as an emotional basis to how the “dynamic” with him and Cortana expands from here.

We know that at this point, Halsey is not completely operating within a vacuum; she has at least some UNSC support in her efforts; yet, that doesn’t mean that both parties are going to be on the same page forever here!

What the show still needs to work on

A larger emotional undercurrent. So much of the original Halo was built of course on the shooter dynamics, but across the series you did get more invested in some of the characters. That’s going to be essential here and because of it being TV, the balance will have to be different. There are still more people very much in need of more depth.

What do you most want to see when it comes to Halo season 1 episode 3 on Paramount+?

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