‘The Bachelor’ rankings: Lesley Murphy, Lindsay Yenter on the rise for Sean Lowe

Lesley MurphyWant to know one of the best true signs of a “Bachelor” season? When you have parity among all of the women. For the first time this year, we have a new woman ranked as Sean Lowe’s most-likely contender, but even with that we still don’t feel 120% confident that any one person is a lock to make Sean Lowe’s final two. So many of them are bringing something different to the table, and he has also made quite the effort to ensure that one woman is not being particularly favored over any of the others.

As always, a quick run-down for those of you who are new to the site: our rankings are not based on any spoilers, and revolve largely around edit, screen time, and perceived relationship with the leading man.

The rankings

Sarah5. Sarah Herron (last week: 3) – Don’t get us wrong, since it was rather sweet that Sean allowed Sarah’s dog to make a surprise appearance at the mansion last week. The problem was just that we didn’t really see much romance from her this week, and getting the first date of the season is not always a good thing, especially since the person to receive this date very rarely actually ends up being the person to win at the end of the season.

4. Lesley Murphy (4) – There is some chemistry between Lesley and Sean, but we are still not convinced, really, that setting the world record for the longest onscreen kiss is actually something that is really romantic. Instead, it was forced upon you. Over the past two episodes, most of Lesley and Sean’s kisses have been the product of either this or a photo shoot, and while there are some sparks here, Lesley and particular has come across as nervous when presented with actual intimate settings.

Desiree3. Desiree Hartsock (3) – How the mighty is falling. Our pre-show pick to win the season is starting to show a subtle knack for really allowing the house to get to her more than it should, and this drama is the sort of thing that you really have to tune out if you want the final rose in the end. There is only so much time you have the leading man, and you want to come across happy and not stressed out for it.

2. AshLee Frazier (unranked) – AshLee is back on the charts! Her date with Sean started out with a situation that could have been awkward for them considering that they were spending time on a date with other people, but it was for a good cause and they each had a great time with it. Following this, they each had a natural connection and communicated with one another well.

Lindsay1. Lindsay Yenter (5) – To think, a few weeks ago she nearly boozed her way out of the competition after showing up wearing a wedding dress straight out of the limo. Now, she’s our favorite. While she has yet to receive a one-on-one date like everyone else on this list, she has managed to do something even more special: develop real moments with Sean in real settings. This is something that you need to see for after the show actually airs, and you don’t get to rock climb or go on fancy shopping sprees for every date.

Who is your favorite to walk away with Sean’s heart at the end of this? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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Photo: ABC

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