‘American Idol’ notes: Adam Lambert, Lee DeWyze, Carrie Underwood

American IdolWith “American Idol” season 12 officially under way now, we do not get as many opportunities as we would like to talk about some former contestants; nonetheless, we do have some quick hits from some of our favorite alumni now … including one who is actually talking about a performance of one of his hit songs on the show.

In a new post on Twitter, Adam Lambert had the following to say about a pretty disastrous audition from Chris “Mushroom” Barthel to “If I Had You,” a song that we believe to be the first cover of an Adam song that has been presented to us over the past several seasons:

“OMG saw the guy sing IIHY on Idol… Hilarious! Gotta admire all that choreography right? :)”

Well, at least Adam has a great sense of humor about one of his songs being butchered, though we have to say that we’re not sure someone should attempt “If I Had You” or one of his other songs even if they have a good voice. The guy just has such a crazy range, and do you really want to compete against one of the best male singers ever on the show straight out of the gate? It’s the same reason why no contestant should ever audition to “Since U Been Gone” or any other Kelly Clarkson song.

Of course, we’ll be a tad hypocritical here in saying that we’re happy that Adam got a little bit of extra publicity out of this, so from the standpoint of a viewer (one who is not putting his singing career on the line in an audition) we’re all for it.

A brief Lee DeWyze announcement – Even though the season 9 champ is busy working on his new album, we thought curious parties would like to know that Lee will be performing a show at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire, Illinois on April 19. You can find out some more information here.

Carrie Underwood talks lip-sync drama – Following the great lip-sync controversy that took place over Inauguration Day earlier this week, the season 4 winner has come out in favor of performing every National Anthem live … even if is sick and there are a million other excuses that you can come up with.

In an interview with Fox 5 Vegas, Carrie said that she would never pretend to sing any performance of the Anthem or any other song, and also talked about the sort of pressure that goes into something like this:

“I did the Super Bowl and sang the National Anthem, it’s scary … If I go up there and mess up one of my songs and I mess up a little bit who cares? But to have something [that people care about so much], that’s a lot of pressure.”

If you want tread our full review of Thursday’s “American Idol” episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: Fox

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