Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Kyle Moore on that HoH week chaos

Kyle Moore

If you were to think about Big Brother Canada 10 contenders in the first week of the game, it felt like Kyle Moore had a good chance! After all, he was a smart, sociable guy who studied past seasons hard coming into the house.

Yet, Kyle’s eviction proved to be another reminder that power does come with a cost in the house — for him, it made him paranoid and caused him to not see the forest through the trees. He made a serious of questionable decisions, burned allies, and eventually found himself in a position where Gino felt like he had to nominate him. Why? In his mind, this was one of the only ways that he could salvage the week and move forward. Kyle went out in a unanimous vote, and of course with that, all sorts of questions about what could have been.

For more thoughts on Kyle’s game and what he did over the course of the season, check out our exit interview below!

Matt & Jess – Last year, you became a big of a meme with a lot of people thinking you got cast instead of the other Kyle Moore. I’m sure you knew ahead of time that it’d be hilarious you were on this season, but were you also entering the house knowing the fandom was going to be super-aware of everything you did and said?

Kyle Moore – There were a few people in the house who, over the first few days, came up to me and were like ‘I recognize you from last year.’ It was cool to talk through that whole experience about the show and the fan base. But I will be honest with you: There was this expectation, and I put it on myself, too! I came into this game saying I wanted to be a legend. I figured you gotta talk a big game and try your best to live up to it.

Knowing there was people who had an emotional connection to my game because of the stuff from last year, that was kind of a tough pill to swallow when I did find my way out the door last night.

I know you weren’t as big of a fan prior to the meme stuff last year and you binged a lot of past seasons to prepare yourself. Did that end up actually helping you in the game?

I thought it did, and it absolutely did not. I was a fan of the Big Brother Canada franchise [before the past year], but I never really watched it religiously. It was something that was on my radar; I would see it flipping through channels and I’d be like ‘oh! Let’s see what’s happening in the Big Brother Canada house.’

After the Kyle Moore stuff happened and after I watched a few seasons in their entirety, I really fell in love with the game. It became this thing that I adored … I just thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Early on in this game, I was riding pretty high with you as a player. I thought you had a lot of alliances, you seemed to be well-liked, and I definitely didn’t think you were in any danger. Did you feel good, or at least as safe as you could be in the game?

The first few weeks were definitely the game I wanted to play. One thing that was a detriment to my game a little bit was the idea of over-aligning. The whole idea was to align myself with a bunch of people in the house, and then not win HoHs until week five or week six. But, [the HoH was] a ticky-tack game of chance. There was skill involved, but also luck in terms of how far you could get. Because I was aligned with so many people, I realized ‘oh no, this is going to be a bridge-burning week much earlier than I wanted.’

Being HoH was a really cool experience. As a superfan of the show I got to go into the Big Brother Canada house and be an HoH. It’s something that nobody can ever take away from me. Week 3 was messy but she was mine. I definitely should have kept my circles a little tighter in the early game if I knew I was going to win an early HoH, but hey, hindsight’s 20-20.

The reaction from the outside to your HoH was ‘oh no, Kyle’s putting up all of his allies.’ But was this a situation where you were aligned with too many people, some of these allies were ones you made early, and you were starting to realize that there were other people you were beginning to trust more?

Definitely. There was that element of over-alignment where almost every person could say ‘I was an ally of Kyle’s.’ I think apart from Betty, I was aligned in one way or another with almost every person in the house. That was a strange circumstance! It was a catch-22 where I was so well-protected, but no matter who I put up there were going to people who were like ‘I was aligned with Kyle. You can’t trust Kyle.’

But I also knew that I had to pick and choose some of the people who I was aligned with who had also given me a reason to put them up. When Moose told me that Steph was saying my name, I was like ‘done deal.’ Then, when I realized that Moose was pitting people against each other and trying to manipulate information, he became the focal point of all of this. Then, at the end it was Josh, which is the move I regret the most.

Knowing Moose outside of the game, was it harder to reconcile the Moose you know on the outside with the one you were playing with in the game?

The way I love to describe it is that in Big Brother, trust has to be earned. It’s a process that is long and it is tough. With Moose, because we were acquaintances outside of the house and we’d worked on some projects together in school, there was a level of trust there that didn’t have to be earned. That was a big detriment early on where I took Moose’s word on everything and I found myself in hot water.

This past week was tough since you were in trouble the moment your own ally in Gino put you on the block. I know you campaigned hard, but was there anything you could have done to give yourself a better chance?

If it was in my character to call a house meeting and really try to air Jess out in front of everyone and put a massive target on their back and lie and manipulate, then sure! That’s the beauty of the game of Big Brother — you can play as hard as you want to play. I just think that in terms of still being the Kyle Moore that I am outside the house still in the house, I think I did everything that I could. I gave everyone the proper information. I tried to campaign my caboose off, but it wasn’t quite enough.

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