NBC’s ‘Smash’ season 2 spoilers: Jaime Cepero’s Ellis to return

Smash“Smash” fans, brace yourselves: you may not be completely through with Ellis yet.

Despite being one of the most universally-loathed characters we can think of in the recent history of television, a new report from TVLine suggests that we are in fact going to be seeing Jaime Cepero show up at least one more time as this meddling “villain” during the show’s second season. If you are screaming at you computer, however, stop for a minute. (You don’t want to wake the neighbors!) Showrunner Josh Safran explains that “Ellis will return, but not necessarily in the present.”

So what does this mean? We have a few theories:

1. A flashback that explains why the character is no longer on the show.

2. A flash-forward that showcases what he could be up to later on, and how the actions of some of the characters now could facilitate him coming back for more havoc.

3. Some sort of fantasy sequence where Ellis haunts Julia’s dreams (and consequently our own).

The person that we are the most curious about when it comes to all this is Cepero himself. How does it feel playing a character that most of the viewing public hates … and not in a “love to hate” sort of way? The guy has to have developed a pretty thick skin over the past year, since the reaction to the character was not really his fault so much last year as it was the writers for continually saddling Ellis with atrocious storylines. He’s very brave to come back, and hopefully they have a plan to at least give the character a satisfying ending / beginning / whatever their intentions are.

What is your reaction to the return of Ellis? If it helps to take your mind off this news, go over and watch the Ellis-free season premiere of the show now.

Photo: NBC

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