The Blacklist season 9 episode 13 spoilers: Does Cooper have a lead?

The BlacklistAs we dive into The Blacklist season 9 episode 13 on NBC tomorrow night, there is something exciting potentially coming for Harold Cooper: Answers. Will he finally learn who is responsible for trying to frame him in the death of Doug Koster? There are some signs suggesting that, if nothing else, we’re on the way.

The thing that would be the nicest here would be finding the bartender responsible for serving him the spiked drink — but that doesn’t seem possible. Yet, the bartender’s friend is a good start, and Cooper’s pal Lew seems to have figured something out here.

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In a sneak peek over at Cinema Blend, you can see Lew tell Harry Lennix’s character that the friend in question seems to be down in Atlanta. We wondered for a long time why some nefarious person would navigate down to the ATL after being in Washington DC. As it turns out, it’s because this could be an innocent person who got thrown into a terrible position. Cooper’s clearly worried about getting an innocent person mixed up with this, but that is where Lew reminds him that everyone is already wrapped up in this. It’s hard for anyone to escape it!

Do we hope that there are larger answers in this story? Absolutely, but we also don’t get the sense that every single loose end is going to be tied up. Remember for a moment that episode 15 is titled “Andrew Kennison,” and that is the name of the student who the blackmailer wanted Cooper to move. There must be a reason for that, right?

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