Survivor 42 episode 3: Jenny Kim voted out in chaotic Tribal Council

Survivor 42Tonight on Survivor 42 episode 3, we saw what was a real consequence to the bizarre, messy game that we are seeing in this current era.

For us, we prefer gameplay when everyone has a vote, and when there are fewer advantages and more of an emphasis on personal relationships. Yet, that’s just us, and we think that this new era of the series is more or less here to stay.

Here’s a sense of what happened in the game tonight. The Vati (green) tribe lost immunity for the first time and with that in mind, they ended up going to a REALLY weird Tribal Council. Mike had already lost his vote because of the Beware Advantage. Meanwhile, Chanelle went on a journey after the immunity challenge and lost her vote after taking a big risk to get an extra one. This meant that only four people voted tonight in Lydia, Jenny, Hai, and Daniel. We ended up at a two-two deadlock and, in the re-vote, it was one-one.

Because of the tiebreaker rules here, if a consensus was not reached Chanelle, Mike, Hai, and Daniel would have to draw rocks and one of them would be voted out. Yet, only two people could be involved in making the consensus: Daniel and Hai. While Mike and Chanelle could try to influence the decision, they did not have all that much of a say. All of this was of course really complicated and it but Jenny in big danger. Hai and Lydia were super-close, and how far would Daniel really go to protect someone in Jenny who was not his #1 ally?

The deliberation was bad, mostly for Daniel who threw Chanelle under the bus big-time. Hai refused to change his vote and because of that, Daniel flipped and Jenny left.

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