The Way Home season 3 spoilers: Even more time travel?

The Way Home season 2
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There is no denying that time travel is a cornerstone of The Way Home on Hallmark Channel, and we even saw Elliot take part in the season 2 finale! The mechanics of it are starting to become clear, but does that mean that people left and right are going to start leaping into the pond?

Well, here is some good news on that subject: No. There is a real understanding here that just because a ton of people time-travel does not mean that they necessarily should. There is an inherent risk that if you make everyone into a time-traveler then in the end, it no longer feels special. It would be like everyone on a superhero show getting powers.

In speaking about if anyone new will travel through time in season 3, here is what co-showrunner Heather Conkie had to say to TVLine:

“Never say never, but I certainly don’t want to make it look like just anybody can jump in and go where the pond wants them to. That would make it too easy. Even in Season 1 and 2, there’s been a fine balance between doing a really interesting new thing at the pond, but also always maintaining the integrity of the magic and specialness of the pond experience. If people start to feel like jumping in the pond is, ‘Oh, they’re gonna do that again,’ then we haven’t done our jobs, because this is an incredible magical entity and it does have its rules. The minute you start making it kind of a day-to-day [activity] is when you start losing that magic.”

There is really one time-traveler in particular who needs to be a focus for the immediate future here, and that’s Colton. After all, learning what we did about him is the sort of thing that should make you second-guess a lot of the timeline leading up to the reveal.

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