The Blacklist season 9 episode 13: The next phase of tracker mystery

The BlacklistThe Blacklist season 9 episode 13 is coming to NBC this Friday and of course, we’re ready for a really entertaining hour. How could we not be? We’ve got so many big mysteries right now in between the tracker and Cooper’s blackmailer.

What we want to discuss in this article is the tracker, but also its relationship to another mystery: Who bought up Reddington’s empire on the Night Market, as introduced in “The Chairman”?

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Here’s what we know: Someone is out to control James Spader’s character, and they have enough money and resources to render him incapable of doing what he does best. It’s also fairly logical to assume that this is the same person who planted the tracker on Liz. We’ve already learned that this tracker is high-tech and more than likely incredibly expensive to make. This is the sort of thing that would not be acquired easily.

So let’s say that the person who planted the tracker is the same person who is buying up Reddington’s shares now. What would the motive be for that? This is certainly a compelling mystery in its own right! This person would need to have a long-time grudge against Reddington and a real desire for control. It’s something that is going to be hard for the show to pay off but, of course, we suppose that this is also a big part of the fun here.

We hope that there are a few more answers coming sooner rather than later here — but this is The Blacklist. This is a show that tends to linger on this sort of stuff.

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