Winning Time season 1 episode 4 spoilers: The search for a coach

Winning TimeAs you are going to see through Winning Time season 1 episode 4 on HBO next week, there are so many layers to building a basketball empire.

For most of the series so far, we’ve seen that Dr. Jim Buss has (understandably) put most of his focus on trying to create an entertainment product. There have been dozens of stellar teams in the NBA and yet, only a few of them managed to come with the label of “cool” attached.

Yet, at the end of the day, Dr. Buss also has to understand that the Lakers also have to be good. You can’t have a top-notch entertainment venue full of failures on the court! So much of episode 4 will be about finding the right coach to usher in this new era of basketball. Much like a lot of other stories on this show, you know to some extent where things are going to be going here; it’s just not altogether clear how they will be presented.

Beyond the coaching search, there is another big component to this upcoming episode; after all, we’re going to be learning more about the creation of the Laker Girls. This was a part of the “experience” of attending a basketball game during the Showtime era, and it’s another thing that was created to make being in the arena a true experience. It’s something that many other teams all over the country emulated, albeit with a number of different tweaks added in here and there.

We know that there have been some critical of Winning Time so far for its presentation of the facts, and for not being accurate to every single part of the Showtime Lakers’ story. Of course, this is where we remind you that this has been hyped as a dramatization from the start. We don’t think every single part of this can be taken as a note-by-note recreation of basketball history.

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