Is It Cake? season 2: Will it be renewed, canceled at Netflix?

Is It Cake? season 1

After the premiere today on Netflix, can you anticipate a season 2 renewal for the incredibly-silly Is It Cake? — or is this a one-and-done venture into strange, artistic baking?

The first thing we need to emphasize again here is just how absurd it is that this is now an eight-episode show. It’s inspired based on a meme where everyone routinely guessed if something was made of cake or not, and it’s a reminder of just how creative people can really be.

We will say this: The show did a great job in hiring Saturday Night Live cast member Mikey Day to be the host. He’s got the sort of manic energy to carry something based on so silly a concept, and he’ll make sure the tone stays in the right place. This is almost like The Masked Singer but in food form, since you want to spend most of the time watching desperately seeking an answer. Then, if you get it right, you can feel joyous on the other side.

It’s far too early to know if we’re going to get a season 2 for Is It Cake? or not. The biggest issue the show has is that it’s coming out a solid year too late. It’s a little like the Joe vs. Carole series that is happening over at Peacock right now; everyone got over Tiger King a long time ago. This is another reminder that sometimes, networks and streaming services pick things up without realizing how short things tend to live in the cultural zeitgeist. We just worry that people won’t be interested enough in cake-related mysteries anymore to watch this.

Nonetheless, we’re hoping to get an answer on an Is It Cake? season 2 at some point over the next few months — if the show does return, it probably will not be until 2023 at the earliest.

Do you want to see an Is It Cake? season 2 over at Netflix?

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Photo: Netflix

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